Pete Elman's American Music and Culture series, Fall  2022: LIVE Courses
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Sweet Harmony: great vocal groups 1950-80. 9/20-10/25--Tuesdays 10:00-12:00PM. OLLI Cal-- 

Sweet Harmony: great vocal groups 1950-80.3/30-5/11, 9/15-10/20 Thursdays, 7-9PM, Rhythmix Cultural Works,

Memphis Soul: Grit, grease and grace in American music 9/12-10/17, Mondays, 1-3PM.  OLLI Sonoma State--  


"I was a Latin major in college, and a professor shared with us that the word education comes from the Latin word Educo, which means to take out of. Pete's class epitomizes that word to perfection as he--to perfection--takes so much out of the subject matter, and we as students are able to retain so much of the matter due to his presentation and professional and entertaining methods.  It was a terrific experience and a great motivation to explore additional opportunities with him. Congratulations on combining learning with entertainment!"

–The late great Dick Callahan, voice of the Golden State Warriors & the Oakland Athletics



Lisa Goulder's
Pop Singing
For Girls

 • Popular Vocal Music Curriculum for girls ages 9-13
 • Year-round sessions and summer camp
 • Technique, Group dynamics, Self -Expression

Since 2002, Pop Singing For Girls has been offering year-round sessions for aspiring young female singers. This program emphasizes a popular music repertoire to meet the needs of girls ages 9-13 looking for vocal instruction in the pop music realm. In a supportive atmosphere, students explore vocal technique, the dynamics of blending with other singers and the fundamentals of group performance. Girls will build strong musical muscles through a song repertoire that ranges from old pop hits to favorites straight off the radio.

Visit the web site for more details and upcoming sessions:

(510) 653-0107

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