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Pete Elman's American Music series: 2017 Courses
offered, locations, schedules

Course:                    Dates:          Location:
Motown part two     6/7-6/28       Freight and Salvage Club, Berkeley, Wednesdays, 1-3pm

Country-Rock          7/12-8/2       Dominican College San Rafael, Wednesdays, 10:50-12:35                

Fab Four/Stones     9/18-10/27   Sonoma State Univ. Cooperage, Cotati, Mondays, 1-3pm                 

Bruce Springsteen 9/26-11/14    Freight and Salvage, Berkeley, Tuesdays, 10-12                        

Turn Turn Turn #1  10/2-11/6      AAUW, Raven Theater, Healdsburg, Thursdays, 10-11:30AM




Lisa Goulder's
Pop Singing
For Girls

 • Popular Vocal Music Curriculum for girls ages 9-13
 • Year-round sessions and summer camp
 • Technique, Group dynamics, Self -Expression

Since 2002, Pop Singing For Girls has been offering year-round sessions for aspiring young female singers. This program emphasizes a popular music repertoire to meet the needs of girls ages 9-13 looking for vocal instruction in the pop music realm. In a supportive atmosphere, students explore vocal technique, the dynamics of blending with other singers and the fundamentals of group performance. Girls will build strong musical muscles through a song repertoire that ranges from old pop hits to favorites straight off the radio.

Visit the web site for more details and upcoming sessions:

(510) 653-0107


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