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DREAM / Mike DeWall

This new exciting album features 13 original songs that range from pop and folk to jazz and Latin, all delivered in an accessible, contemporary style. On this project, Michael collaborates with veteran producer Pete Elman, creating a collection of engaging melodies and compelling lyrics with a universal appeal.

Dream showcases DeWall's rich, versatile voice, unadorned nylon-string guitar playing and optimistic point of view. Together with Elman, Michael has carefully crafted an engaging album that grabs your ears and won't let go.

On Dream, the confluence of rock instrumentation and Latin rhythms creates a truly unique sound. With help from legendary Latin percussionist John Santos and other notable Bay Area musicians, this is a memorable album marked by exceptional performances.

One World (Michael DeWall)

Hurry My Heart - Lisa Goulder

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Tom McCord's story is remarkable. Born and raised in Texas, Tom is a psychotherapist who went back to college at the age of 40 to play quarterback and wrote a book about it. He also sang and picked guitar--by himself--all his life until last year, when he asked Pete to listen to him singing a song. Longtime friends, Pete had no idea that his buddy sounded like a cross between Johnny Cash and Gordon Lightfoot, with soul to match. Now he's got a wonderful album consisting of ten of his favorite folk songs, from the pens of Bob Dylan, Lightfoot, Tim Hardin, Steve Goodman, Ian Tyson and others.

Silver Threads and Golden Needles

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Hurry My Heart - Lisa Goulder

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HURRY MY HEART / Lisa Goulder

A singer/songwriter of uncanny depth, Lisa Goulder has assembled an outstanding collection of ten of her uniquely original songs. The result is her first solo album. With the able assistance of veteran producer Pete Elman she has fashioned an album that is at the same time rootsy and modern, a gem whose soulful melodies and poignant words linger with the listener beyond the first impression. Featuring a crackerjack rhythm section fronted by the multi-talented Ms. Goulder on piano, the songs are fresh and spontaneous. With ace guitarist Stef Burns spinning sinewy parts throughout, this is a CD you can put on again and again and always hear something different.

"Lisa Goulder... produces songs with sweep and emotional depth. Possessed of a strong voice supported by a sympathetic mix, the songs are narrative works of clear intent and concise phrasing. To its intended audience, Lisa Goulder offers much to appreciate and enjoy."
- Round Sound

"A lavishly produced gem, filled with sparkling songs of love found and love lost. It hops, skips and plays like a leprechaun in need of attention. Quite lovely."
Independent Songwriter Magazine

"A well-produced album, with a 100% refined sound. Hurry My Heart is a polished and professional production, one that will be the envy of many aspiring musicians."
- CD Shakedown

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The Alibis Album

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Enter THE ALIBIS, an exciting original band made up of four veterans of the rock wars -- keyboardist /producer Peter Elman, lead vocalist/guitarist Mike Costello, drummer Riley Ethridge and bassist Bob Lindfors -- old friends who have combined their writing, singing and playing talents into an inspired album that echoes the great rock bands of the past with a nod to the present. With elements of Dylan, the Band, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Little Feat, THE ALIBIS have created an album of original songs, 40 Days And 40 Nights, that will stand the test of time.

"Four guys playing the music they love, singing lyrical stories of the '60's, '70's and beyond, somewhat reminiscent of Bryan Adams. These true believers are admirable for the energy they commit to playing the real thing...basic guitar-driven tunes that tell their tales concisely with a full measure of spirit."

First Take Album by Peter Elman

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FIRST TAKE / Peter Elman

Peter Elman’s fourth release is an original instrumental rock album that features ten new songs, among them the Bruce Hornsby-like “Hurry My Heart”, co-written and performed by Lisa Goulder, whose debut solo album will soon be released on Real Dream Music. This album carries on what he started with his first three acclaimed efforts, and takes it one step further, back to Mr. Elman’s roots. Featuring rock guitarist extraordinaire Stef Burns (Alice Cooper, Y&T)and with solid support from drummer Steve Cameron (MOJO), and bassist Mark Levine (Barry Manilow) FIRST TAKE is a fresh, spirited and emotional work.

"Album of the Month. Contagiously irresistible instantaneous and infectious way to reconnect with pure joy."
New Times

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Durango Saloon Album by Peter Elman

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The first in a series of four classic Americana instrumental albums, DURANGO SALOON has sold over 50,000 units and was described as "...pure piano imagery, instrumental beauty" by Online Review. Featuring Peter Elman on piano and guitar, this collection of modern originals has the feel of the Old West.

Also featuring Darol Anger, Todd Phillips, Flaco Jimenez and Tony Elman.

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Dakota Nights Album by Peter Elman

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DAKOTA NIGHTS takes the listener on a musical journey across America, with original pieces ranging from beautiful acoustic to rollicking road music. Reviewed by the New Times as “...calico silk, jazzy and stylish...", this second album by Peter Elman features noted instrumentalists Norton Buffalo, Richard Greene and Mike Marshall.

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Race Point Album by Peter Elman

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Inspired by Peter’s childhood summers on Cape Cod, RACE POINT takes the listener from a quiet beach to a roaring groove. More electric than its predecessors, RACE POINT has been called "...stunning, flashy and powerful...a nine rating..." by CD Review. Thirteen songs that range from Pink Floyd style moody melodies to Caribbean sounding romps.

With an all-star supporting cast of guitarists Stef Burns (Sheila E.), Steve Gurr (Dr. John), John Blakeley (Van Morrison), bassist John Pierce (Huey Lewis, Mick Jagger).

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Other Albums
Joe Craven - Camptown Album

CAMPTOWN / Joe Craven

This incredible world-folk album by one of the top multi-instrumentalists around is a must for fans of acoustic music. Mr. Elman and co-producer Joe Craven take fourteen well-loved "fiddle" tunes and transform them into a rhythmical tour-de-force.

"Crystalline production..." - Dirty Linen

"A success..." - Chicago Tribune

Tony Elman - Winter Creek Album WINTER CREEK / Tony Elman

A classic holiday album. Pete and his brother, acclaimed hammer dulcimer player Tony, mine an international collection of well-known chestnuts and obscure gems, and come up with what the Washington Post described as “the year’s best chamber-folk album (1992)”. Tommy Smothers loves it, too (“where did you come up with that terrific guitar sound?”).


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