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REAL DREAM MUSIC is a unique and multi-faceted company which produces distinctive, timeless original music. From the initial inspiration to the final mix, Real Dream reaches for and attains a standard of excellence and consistently delivers a quality blend of art and commerce.


Recently produced by Real Dream Music...
One World (Michael DeWall)
Find A Way (Eddy Kleinhans)
Silent Observer (Lily Housh)
Hurry My Heart (Lisa Goulder)
Silver Threads and Golden Needles (Tom McCord)
It Makes No Difference
(The Alibis)

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Peter Elman
Peter Elman has produced over 20 commercially released albums, among them pop, rock, folk, Americana, blues, r&b, roots rock, alternative, Latin, jazz and instrumental. As a studio musician he has played on countless others. In that time, he has absorbed not only the experience needed to make records, but also the intuitive skills required to conceive, supervise and shepherd the creation of a record that that will reflect the artist's vision.

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Real Dream Music CatalogREAL DREAM 's universally acclaimed albums have received national radio airplay and been featured in films and TV.

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